Push Sports Wrist Strengthener

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The Push Sports Wrist Strengthener is a very suitable solution for light overload complaints on the wrist.

The Push Sport wrist reinforcer offers compression and support around the wrist, which reduces pain complaints during exercise. The brace feels pleasant due to the slim and comfortable material. The wrist reinforcer has a clear positioning and the non-slip TPU strips ensure good position retention. This results in a safe and secure feeling for the user during exercise.


  • Reduces pain and provides a feeling of security during sports
  • Provides pressure around the wrist and light support
  • The degree of pressure is individually adjustable
  • Excellent position retention during installation and use
  • Easy and quick to apply with one hand

When to use:

  • To prevent recurrent overload complaints in the wrist joint
  • With mild overload complaints in the wrist joint
  • With increased play in the wrist joint

Version in left and right, one size.