Push Sports Thumb Brace

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The Push Sports thumb brace offers a solution for persistent pain in the thumb due to the extension of the middle thumb joint (MCP-1) due to, for example, a ball or ski case.

The thumb race stabilizes the joint, giving the ligaments involved the chance to heal. The thumb cap protects the painful thumb against the impact of, for example, a ball. The straps on the brace are individually adjustable so that the user himself can determine to what extent the bending movement of the thumb should be limited. The tires also overcome the play created by damage to the ligaments. The strap system runs crosswise and provides lateral support to the middle thumb joint. The remaining thumb joints and the wrist retain their freedom of movement. The thumb race keeps the palm free and fits well under a goalkeeper or ski glove.

• Offers an individually adjustable movement limitation
• Has an excellent position retention
• Keep the palm free for good grip and good ball feeling
• Easy to close with one hand
• Fits in a ski or goalkeeper glove
• The cap protects the painful thumb against the impact of, for example, a ball

When to use:
• In a ski area: stretching or tearing of the ligament of the middle thumb joint (MCP-1)
• In case of overstretching or dislocation of the middle thumb joint (MCP-1)
• With instability in the middle thumb joint (MCP-1)

For the right dimensions measure the size of the hand (without thumb):


S 16-19 cm
M 19 - 22 cm
L 22 - 25 cm