Ligaflex Evolution knee brace

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Knee brace with medial and late-eral hinges, 0pen knee. Anti-lock hyperextension

Gives compression by anatomical viscose ring, thereby removing the moisture quickly.
Medial and lateral ribs.
Lateral instability,
forwards / backwards instability,
patellar complaints.
Resumption of activity
After light sprains
After severe sprains
After ACL injuries
elastic fabric stretchable in two directions.
Reinforced side panels with bi-axial hinge. (1)
A lip in the middle to the lateral reinforcement in their place. (2)
Dual adjustable strap top and bottom (anti-afklemeffekt). (3)
Large opening in the knee for comfort. (4)
• Opening of the patella with silicone ring. (5)

Recommendations for the placing of the article:

Make sure the kneecap is exactly centered in the kneecap guide.


Follow the recommendations of the supplier, who prescribed or supplied the product. In case of discomfort, consult the supplier. Store at room temperature, preferably in the original box. Because of potential problems with hygiene and performance, we strongly advise you to reuse for the treatment of another patient this product. Should this happen, then reuse is entirely the decision has been taken under the responsibility of who, and then automatically void the warranty Thuasne.
Preferably for washing remove the sides. The knee bend connection to turn it on. In place
Only hand wash at 40 º C with a mild detergent without bleach or fabric softener.
Rid of water by compressing, do not wring.
Dry away from heat sources.
Viscose 60%
28% elastane
Polyster 12%