Genutrain S

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S Genutrain Comfortable knee brace (removable) plastic hinges. Limited by the hinges on the scope and the shift of the lower leg relative to the thigh prevented.

The Velcro allows you to adjust a little stability.
Distortion 'of the knee joint
Mild instability of the knee
Wear and rheumatic complaints





1: 38 - 41 cm

28 - 31 cm

2: 41 - 44 cm

31 - 34 cm

3: 44 - 47 cm

34 - 37 cm

4: 47 - 50 cm

37 - 40 cm

5: 50 - 53 cm

40 - 43 cm

6: 53 - 56 cm

43 - 46 cm

Hinge instead of resting
In Genutrain S (S for hinge) the hinges on the side of the knee conduct during the movements. They can be deformed upon heating, and can be adjusted. Anatomically in this way, The joint is additionally integrated pelotte muscular stabilized through the elastic, active Train-knitted.
Supports and massages
The integrated, elastic pad around the kneecap does not move. This helps to position the bandage correctly and adapts to every movement of the angle of the knee joint. Thus for a massage effect ensured that the surrounding muscle activates and stimulates the circulation. The interaction of medically effective compression and massage Genutrain S causes edema and bruising disappear faster.
slight instabilities
Arthritides (e.g., rheumatoid arthritis)
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