Genutrain P3

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Genutrain P3 Active Knee bandage with a unique anatomical fit. It supports and improves proprioception as an active muscular stabilization of the knee joint.

The viscoelastic pad covers the knee and prevents the wire from the built-in correction lateraliseren of the patella. By intermittent compression to the soft tissue around the joint is a rapid absorption of edema fluid and hematoma, pain relief and improved function of the knee joint guarantee.
Patello femoral pain syndrome (chondropathy, chondromalacia)
Lateralization of the patella (with a tendency to dislocation)
After a lateral release surgery,
Slight instabilities.

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0: 36 - 39 cm

25 - 28 cm

1: 39 - 42 cm

28 - 31 cm

2: 42 - 45 cm

31 - 34 cm

3: 45 - 48 cm

34 - 37 cm

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6: 54 - 57 cm

43 - 46 cm
Kneecap control
P3: which stands for "permanent patella protection" (= permanent protection of the kneecap). Genutrain P3 guides the patella because with every movement. Centering the patella occurs by a specially shaped massage pillow with wings upward and inward studs for a compression of the Hoffa-fat pad. This relieves pain (Hoffa pads). An adjustable wire correction contributes to the protection against slipping sideways and can load the tighter (or looser) are attracted. Dependent Another triangular massage cushion on the top outer edge of the bandage provides a slight relaxation of the tendons which are connected with the patella and minimizes the pulling towards the outside as well. In this manner, the kneecap is relieved and it is supported in its natural movement. The compressive knit and both pelottes the bandage have a massaging effect that relieves pain during movement. This speeds up the removal of swelling and activates the muscles that stabilize the joints.
Training Objective: regeneration
The Genutrain P3 is ideal for use during exercise, especially as athletes suffer from knee pain, especially around the kneecap, caused by twisting and bumping of the knee. The active support speeds up recovery, overload protection and injuries that result from them and allows the training to get faster again. In connection with the specific elasticity of the knitted fabric can be optimally adjusts the knee, and the flexibility is not limited. The breathable materials and pressure reducing edges ensure a comfortable fit.
 The Genutrain ® P3 during exercise
"Due to a knee injury I could not exercise a long time. When you finally on the handball court is back, you have need for security - that is also between the ears. The Genutrain P3 gives me this assurance. The bandage supports my kneecap, stabilizes the knee and yet offers the complete freedom of movement that I need. I also find a high wearing comfort is important. And which provides the P3 Genutrain me. "
Filip Jicha, defender of THW Kiel and member of the Czech national team