Orliman ManuTec FIX Wrist brace

GM Medical
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Hand and wrist splints were originally made of thermoplastic material to obtain. Optimal immobilizing character
A disadvantage is perspiration. Orliman has developed a new wrist splint with a palmar, ulnar and radial rib. MANUTEC Fix combines a base fabric with flexible aluminum ribs that are completely malleable. The result is a complete immobilization while can be. There is a certain constraint position of the wrist is obtained The new generation of tissue (three layers: foam, velor, sponge) ensures comfort, good wear properties and preventing perspiration.

* Breathable foam, made of new generation materials (three layers: foam, velor, sponge) 
* 3-fold immobilizer palmar / ulnar / radial and fully deformable. 
* Anatomical tires easily adaptable. 
* Available in black / red and beige 
* The middle band can be wrapped around the wrist for added stabilization. 
* Left or right hand wear 
Effect: Support, stabilization, immobilisation. 

Wrist fixation, post-trauma, post-operative, painful or swollen joints, instability, rehabilitation, post - traumatic dystrophy. 

Scope of the wrist in cm: 
1: 14-18 
2: 18-22