Ligaflex Rhizo thumb brace

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Ligaflex Rhizo Patented metal wire reinforcement, which immobilizes the thumb in an uncomfortable position.

Patented reinforcing wire, the thumb in an embarrassing position immobilizes. Product is very short so that the movements of the thumb are preserved. Light and comfortable by the breathable fabric. Opening at the level of the thumb base to any pressure on the painful area in case of thumb osteoarthritis prevention.

Partial immobilization: limited stretchability, rhyzarthrose, joint and ligament injuries, sprains of the metacarpal phalanx.

Extent wrist
1 : 13 - 17 cm
2 : 17 - 23 cm

Recommendations for the placement of the article
The strap opening.
The thumb orthosis do that on the back of the hand above the wrist is placed: Attention, the underside of the orthosis, the hinge joint of the wrist block.
The velcro around the thumb adjustment.
The product at hand shape.
The product with the help of the Velcro closing.
Not hesitate to tighten the strap to attract.
Follow the advice of the supplier, who prescribed or supplied the product. In case of discomfort, consult this. Store at room temperature, preferably in the original box. Due to possible problems with hygiene and performance, we recommend strongly to this product reuse for the treatment of another patient. If this happens, then the reuse entirely the responsibility of those who made ​​the decision, and will void the warranty automatically Thuasne.
Only hand wash at 40 º C with a mild detergent without bleach or fabric softener.
Rid of water by squeezing, not wringing.
Dry away from any heat source.
Cotton 92%
Elastane 8%
Outer: 100% Polyamide
Colour: Black