Ortel hernia band Double-sided

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Ortel hernia band Double-sided

It has a removable and replaceable silicone pad (this material ensures greater wearing comfort and greater effectiveness). Strong, elastic fabric. Interchangeable and adjustable straps. Unique buckle system to wear left and right.

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Tips for use:

Place the pad (s) on the inside, on the inguinal hernia (s). Adjust the fracture band to the size by adjusting the fastening. The fracture band should press well against the inguinal hernia without pinching. Adjust the length of the straps under the thigh. Check that the pads are in place. Precautions: Reduce the inguinal hernia before inserting the fracture band. It is recommended to lie on the back and massage the inguinal hernia. Do not use in case of irreparable inguinal hernia. Follow the recommendations of the supplier who prescribed or supplied the item. In case of inconvenience, consult this supplier. Store at room temperature, preferably in the original box. Due to potential hygiene and performance problems, we strongly recommend that you do not reuse this product for the treatment of another patient. If this does happen, the reuse is entirely the responsibility of who made that decision and Thuasne's warranty will automatically lapse.


Hernia on both sides.

Wear before or after surgery. Can be worn permanently.

•Size 1:75 - 85 cm
•Size 2: 86 - 97 cm
•Size 3: 98 - 110 cm
•Size 4 : 111 - 125 cm