Push Med Wrist Brace Splint

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The Push med Wrist Brace Splint provides rest to the wrist, without limit. Hand function
The wrist brace is easy with one hand around the forearm, to close. The wrist and hand

A circular non-elastic connection ensures that the navormbare splint closely follows the anatomy of the wrist joint. 
In this way, the palmar flexion is restricted and the hand is placed in a functional position. 
Sympress ™ Technology The brace is made of Sympress ™, a high-quality comfortable material. 
The product feels soft and offers the user a comfortable and secure feeling. 
The Push med Wrist Brace Splint is easy to apply and can be washed without any problem.

• Therapy-resistant strain complaints of the wrist extensors 
• Moderate to severe rheumatic complaints 
• Carpal tunnelsydroom 

• 1, 13 - 15 cm
• 2, 15-17 cm 
• 3, 17-19 cm 
• 4, 19-21 cm

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