Medi Omomed shoulder brace

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Shoulder Bandage with restricted movement.

The elastic fabric gives a soft local pressure on the superficial areas of the skin and thereby reduces swelling and muscle tension 
possibility of external rotation and abduction movements to limit 
Reduces muscle tone in the shoulder muscles surrounding 
Flexible straps allowing individual adaptation and restricted movement of the shoulder joint is made possible. 

 Conservative and surgical treatment of fractures of the humeral head, the scapula and the articular tension; 
 Conservative treatment for osteoarthritis of the shoulder joint; 
 post-operative treatment after shoulder joint prosthesis; 
 Conservative treatment of acute and chronic dislocation of the shoulder; 
 postoperative treatment after stabilization of the shoulder joint; 
 postoperatively after reconstruction of the rotator cuff.

0: <26 cm 
1: 26 - 29 cm 
2: 29-33 cm 
3: 33 - 36 cm 
4: 36 - 39 cm

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