PSB thumb brace

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The PSB thumb brace supports the thumb as the joint by hyperextension of the ligament instability.

The bands in the brace caught as it were, the clearance by the damaged tire.
The brace provides protection also against the strike.
The uninvolved joints of the thumb left free and the bands are so adjusted that the thumb is just to function.
also wrist is free in its movements, making this product ideal during exercise.

A so-called Skiduim (MCP 1), if there is a residual instability (gap) as a result of an injury to the inner side of the thumb joint.
The thumb brace is specially designed for the joint when the thumb base (also called MCP I) Contra- indication:
The brace does not support the thumb to the carpal joint (CMC I) and is therefore not suitable for arthritis
(eg rheumatoid arthritis), tendon sheath inflammation (M-Quervain) or osteoarthritis.

S: 16 - 19 cm
M: 19 - 22 cm
L: 22 to 25 cm

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