Match-U thumb brace

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Anatomic functional thumb brace. The thumb brace is at the height of the thumb with a deformable anatomical splint.

The brace prevents the gripping function. The thumb brace spica is made ​​of comfortable material, in which no latex is processed.
The material gives support without disturbing present.
By ventilating capacity, use the bandage long-term wear.
NEW: Include extra loose splint.
This is more rigid than the removable splint which is the bandage.
This is the simple brace themselves supportive effect vary. (No brace, splint with semi-rigid or rigid splint.)
Features:-Provides good support around thumb base joint. -Splint provides extra rigidity. Palm-remains virtually Fri Grab-function remains intact.
Quervain, skiduim, instability, arthritis, osteoarthritis, overloading complaints.
Dimensions: measure around the wrist joint
 S: 12 - 15 cm
M: 15 - 17 cm
L: 17 - 19 cm
XL: 19 - 21 cm

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