Push Med shoulder brace plus

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De Push med Schouderbrace biedt een effectieve stabilisatie van de arm bij de behandeling van diverse schouderblessures. De positie kan zo worden ingesteld dat de arm optimaal wordt ondersteund.

The Push Med Shoulder Brace Plus consists of 4 parts. The chest band around the chest is closed forms the basis of the brace. This band only has to be set to the correct dimensions. With the quick release allows the transmitter to open and close.To promote abduction of the shoulder as far as possible to avoid the above, there is bracelet, which fixes the upper arm against the hull. The comfortable hand wrist support keeps the arm and fixed supports. The Push Med Shoulder Brace Plus provides extra comfort with a shoulder strap is attached to the brace. The band provides extra support and immobilization of the affected shoulder joint and the hand can be kept at the desired height. Each fixing point is individually adjustable, ensuring a good fit is achieved. 
• clavicular fracture 
• Status after (sub) luxation 
• Status after surgery of the shoulder joint 
• Peri-arthritis humeroscapularis 
• Subcapitale humerusfactuur
Size | outline 
1: | 55-75 
2: | 75-105 
3: | 105-140

Fitting / Mooring
The shoulder brace is available in 3 sizes. For the correct size selection, the breast size 5 inches above the height of the hanging elbow measured.

The correct construction sequence is determined by the increasing molecular symbols on the Velcro
All velcro straps with symbols, you open it, the others remain closed.

Take the A-brace at the widest part of the shoulder strap with the unaffected arm.

B-You now cross the affected arm and head through the hole.

Connect the C-arm through the strap through the buckle threading and closing just above the elbow.

For the professional that the brace extradite: For first use, two
ties of the brace off for the patient to be set:

D1 Adjust the shoulder strap on the back so that the transmitter in the same
height as the top bracelet

D2 The transmitter then so set your transmitter to connect
Body and comfortable by the patient is experiencing.

D Connect the strap to a comfortable 'fit'.

E-Place the hand at the wrist-hand support and connect it to the shoulder strap

F You can use the wrist-hand support shift on the transmitter (left / right) or
acceleration (up / down) for an optimal fitting for you.

The brace can be washed at 30 ° C, delicate or hand wash. use
during washing bleach. Close the Velcro before washing the
protection of the brace and other laundry.
The brace should be lightly centrifuged. Let the brace afterwards in the open air
dry (not near heaters or in a tumble dryer).
For a long life, it is important your brace after use, if necessary,
First let dry before storing.