Dynacross back brace

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Thuasne Dynacross lumbar support belt and abdomen, the right posture.

Breathable elastic (patented) Combitex 2 ® fabric, which makes for a great comfort.
Crossed tissue bands (analogous to the morphology of muscles).
Flexible boning at the back (dynamic promotion of a proper posture).
Support in loin pain without complications.
Prevention of lumbar pain (effort, bad posture).
Support of the abdominal wall.
Recommendations for placing the article:
Touching the belt with the label on the inside facing up.
The left edge of the flat left in place.
Places the Velcro and tension control as desired (the velcro is not properly placed folded).
Only hand wash at 40 ° C with a mild detergent without bleach or fabric softener.
Get rid of water by compressing, do not wring. Dry away from heat sources.
Polyamide 76% Polyester 14%, 10% elastane
White, Beige



1: 52 - 62 cm
2: 63 - 74 cm
3: 75 - 89 cm
4: 90 - 105 cm
5: 106 - 120 cm
6: 121 - 140 cm