Otto Bock hinged knee

Otto Bock
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Anatomically shaped knee brace SpaceTex ® material hinged rods in the brace removed.

Pain relief and support the knee joint
Protection against hyperextension
Supports composite pipe patel
collateral stabilization
Support for the sensorimotor control dosed compression
Gonarthrosis with early to moderate degenerative ligament laxity and instability
Post-traumatic and postoperative complaints
ACL - PCL complaints
Patellofemoral pain syndrome (chondromalacia, chondropathy)
XS:  32 - 35 cm
S:    35 - 38 cm
M:   38 - 41 cm
L:    41 - 44 cm
XL:  44 - 48 cm
15 cm below the patella measured