Lumbotrain Lady

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LumboTrain Lady ® differentiates itself from LumboTrain ® because this version is fully tailored to the anatomy of the woman. The application of slightly elastic material and an optimal fit and comfort are discreetly worn under clothing all possible.

This special bandage comes in five sizes and comes in both skin color
Indications: Lumbago, A-specific back pain, disc disease Instability, Mild rheumatoid arthritis


Pelvic Scope

1: 70-80 cm

2: 80-90 cm

3: 90-100 cm

4: 100-110 cm

5: 110-120 cm



Operation without updating
Many people who suffer from chronic back pain, grabbing at regular painkillers. This may be harmful to health. LumboTrain ® has no side effects. Wearing a LumboTrain ® active bandage is a simple way to relieve back pain and be agile.
The three-dimensional active knitted fabric of LumboTrain ® gives certainty to the lumbar vertebrae. The breathable, skin-friendly material adapts perfectly to any body shape. LumboTrain Lady ® is specially tailored to the female body shape.