Ventilated rightholder shoulder brace

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Ventilating rightholder supports the clavicle in a constant back and better posture with shoulders collarbone fractures.

A bad attitude is not only inelegant but also harmful consequences.
Drooping shoulders press on the heart and prevent the opening of the lungs when inhaling.
Using the ventilating rights holder can be taught better posture.
This assistance is particularly effective for young people who tend to hang to the shoulders and upper back too much forward bending.

Sloping shoulders,
Clavicle fracture,
Reinforced thoracic kyphosis

XS/1: 75 - 85 cm
XS/1: 75 - 85 cm
S/2: 80 - 92 cm
M/3: 85 - 97 cm
L/4: 92 - 104 cm
XL/5: 98 - 110 cm
XXL/6: 104 - 120 cm