Pelvic Band

Pelvic instability occurs in one to nine percent of pregnant women.
The cause is not yet known, but fortunately is becoming more and more how well controlled during and after childbirth.
The symptoms almost always disappear.
Six weeks after childbirth are the symptoms for the most part disappeared.
Yet another recovery period of half to a whole year to the last symptoms to disappear.
Menstruation and reduced resistance may even exacerbate the symptoms.
When recovery provides physiotherapy will help.
An inguinal hernia (inguinal hernia) is the most common fracture in men. It is a weak point between the muscles in the abdomen to the groin. When a hernia can be organs of the abdomen (intestines) bulge in the inguinal canal. The break is palpable and sometimes visible as swelling or only gives a heavy feeling in the groin with nausea during the day. Coughing and presses the hernia worse.

The content can break gently pushed back into the buik.Het risk of inguinal hernia is a severe intestinal sticking may occur in the fracture gap. The contents of the hernia can descend into the scrotum. Treatment consists of surgery and almost always leads to complete recovery.