Do you have unstable spine?

Exercise for back pain
In almost all cases of back pain inactivity plays a major role. Furthermore, instability caused by degenerative or aging processes are (eg: wear of the intervertebral collapse of the intervertebral disc) be absorbed by strengthening the muscle corset. Hence, in the treatment of back pain exercise / workout top. They should all muscle groups, not just the back muscles to be trained.
Of course, overweight be corrected, because that dealing with back problems easier.
Adjust working and living conditions
It's good to be home and at work to see if there are many rugbelastende situations. These can be, in order to avoid back strain, or to reduce, as much as possible to be adjusted.
external support
When stabilizing the muscle corset fails, an external support either an orthopedic corset or bandage (LumboTrain, LumboTrain Lady, LumboLoc and Thuasne Dynacross support belt) a good temporary or permanent assistance.